Tenio Latev, Chairman


Mr. Tenio Latev, was born in Bulgaria.


When in 1986 his father was commissioned to represent Bulgaria abroad, the family moved to Switzerland.


Mr. Tenio Latev, spent 26 years in Switzerland.


Inspired by his family history, he became an entrepreneur and was part of innovative start up companies in Europe.


Mr. Latev visited Hong Kong in 2007 for the first time. The busy streets and the growing economic opportunities in the City of Hong Kong drew his attention.


Ever since that time Tenio Latev begann visiting Hong Kong more frequent. His connections to Europe, China and Hong Kong have led him to the establishment of the Hong Kong Bulgarian Association of Commerce in 2013.


Today his role is to connect both continents helping entrepreneurs to overcome the burdens associated with entering new markets.




Thomas Luong, President


Mr. Luong hold a bachelor degree form the University of Alberta, Canada.


In 1988 Mr. Luong came back to Asia and started his professional career in the financial industry.


Over the past 26 years, he developed great managing skills, which are beneficial for companies operating on a global scale.




Patricia de Lassus, Vice President



Mrs. de Lassus Mazodier is a French-Brazilian citizen who lives in Hong Kong.


After graduating from ISG Business School in Paris with a Master’s degree in Marketing, she started her own trading business in the luxury industry in Hong Kong.


She speaks fluent French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.




Jack Chau, Vice President


Mr. Chau was born in Hong Kong, but studied in the US. After coming back to Hong Kong, he successfully launched several start ups.


His multi cultural and multi lingual back ground provides the company with the advantage it needs to succeed in a difficult market environment.




Jason Wai Lung YU 余偉龍

Head of Shanghai Office


Mr. Yu is the Head of our Shanghai office. He is responsible for coordinating our activities in Shanghai.

He has a strong background in management and marketing. 




ZHU Changkui 朱長奎

Head of Tianjin Office


Mr. Zhu is a business veteran with over 25 years of experiance in business and leadership. He has a passion for people and has the ability to spot business opportunities. 

He is representing Bulgaria in Tianjin area, helping our NGO to connect with business leaders and decision makers. 




Andrew Hui, Vice President


Mr. Hui was born in Hong Kong, then immigrated to Canada, where he spent most of his adult life. 

He is responsible for our associations local activities as well as for coordianting our partners in northern China. 



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