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The Hong Kong Bulgarian Association of Commerce was established 2013 in Hong Kong with the aim to connect Asian and Bulgarian Businesses and to serve as a forum, where Far East can meet Eastern Europe.
We live in a very exciting time, where business is global and previously closed markets are now developed enough and offer a one in a live time chance to build new brands.
We are dedicated to serve this purpose and offer our members a wide range of services, thus helping them to connect with new business partners in two of the most exciting regions in the modern world. 
Team Talk

The Hong Kong Bulgarian Association of Commerce is formed in Hong Kong as a "Limited by Guarantee".

We have no profit targets and do not pay dividends to the share holders and its members.

Our sole purpose is to serve the needs of global businesses.

Making Notes

Our Membership program is open for every one who is interested to join us and to be an active or a passive member.


We offer diffrent plans and membership levels, depending on the applicants legal status and his expectation towards our services.


Members can be elected in the Board of Directors and the various Commettees and Chapters of the Association.


Please contact us for more information.


We host regular events in Bulgaria, Hong Kong and China, where we invite key persons from the business and political side of both regions.


The Events are an important networking forum and are highly efficient, for introducing new companies to the community.


Business Meeting

As a Member of the Association, you will have the chance to meet all our members along with the regular key VIP geusts from political parties and global companies.


If you are a business owner, we can host events for you and host your company at interantional fairs, while grouping you with other members and thus offering your company more visability and cost efficency.


Please contact us for a full overview of all the benefits we offer.

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